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THROES "In the Hands of an Angry God" Cassette

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Press Info

First Pressing: 50 black

Artist Info

Throes are a band from Boise, Idaho USA, formed in 2013 following the dissolution of their previous effort, Bone Dance. Throes digitally released their first EP titled "To Dust" in December of 2015, which saw the band expanding on the chaotic and aggressive sounds of the mid-2000's hardcore and metal scenes, to create their own take on ugly, raging metallic hardcore.


1. Bad Meat
2. They Never Spoke
3. Nothing New
4. Derelict
5. From Their Nails
6. Carrion
7. Disillusion
8. Ruin
9. Fang

Release Info

The album was tracked by Andy Patterson at The Boar’s Nest (SubRosa, Call of the Void, Theories), mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording (Weekend Nachos, Harms Way, Jesus Piece), and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

For Fans Of:Coalesce, Old Man Gloom, Jesu, Torche, Cursed